Few people will ever own any asset worth more than their own body.  And the medical costs to repair – or to compensate someone for – an injured body can be staggering.  Every person lives in their own body – and there is no time off, no respite, no relief either from chronic pain or loss of function.  Personal injury losses are therefore some of the most financially significant – and emotionally driven – claims that  individual litigants will ever make.

Settlement of such claims is often an art, especially when the losses are complex, catastrophic or continuing.  Money is always a key component in resolving such claims, but sometimes other non-economic considerations are also highly important.  Some claims are primarily about money; other times they may be primarily about what the money represents.

Robert Jacobs settles personal injury claims by skillfully determining the needs and values of both plaintiffs and defendants and then working tirelessly to forge a setting that facilitates settlement.

During his legal career of 30 years Robert Jacobs negotiated and litigated personal injury claims for both plaintiffs and defendants, including the following:

Plaintiff Claims (where Robert Jacobs represented plaintiffs)

  • Slip and fall at a retail store operated by a large department store chain
  • Trip and fall in a grocery supermarket
  • Public school student injured in school activity after being instructed to walk without the ability to see clearly

Defense (where Robert Jacobs represented defendants)

  • Significant personal injury claim where persons standing behind a stopped vehicle were struck by an oncoming vehicle, result in catastrophic injuries
  • Claims of asbestosis and related conditions claimed by plaintiffs allegedly exposed to asbestos
  • Automobile collision where plaintiff claimed defendant improperly merged into flow of traffic from freeway onramp
  • Lacerations from a glass topped table which broke beneath a person’s weight
  • Injuries allegedly suffered from person who fell from a tree while attempting to trim a large branch
  • Trip and fall allegedly caused by uneven sidewalk surfaces

Personal injury cases mediated by Robert Jacobs include the following:

  • Automobile rear end collisions
  • Automobile allegedly striking a pedestrian in a crosswalk
  • Automobile accident at intersection involving alleged right turn on a red light
  • Golfing accident where defendant allegedly struck plaintiff with golf club
  • Minor child allegedly struck by vehicle in mobile home park
  • Injuries from a fall by a resident at a skilled nursing facility
  • Injuries to resident of skilled nursing facility alleged caused by neglect and improper care
  • Injuries from a fall allegedly caused by a seating booth in a restaurant which was allegedly defective
  • Personal injuries allegedly caused by defective lift gate on the back of a delivery truck
  • Suit for assault and battery after defendant allegedly intentionally struck plaintiff