Some business disputes occur between strangers such as when a customer makes a first-time purchase of goods or services.  If the customer is dissatisfied with the goods or services purchased then the customer may assert “lack of quality” claims against the business.  If the business extends credit to the customer, then if payment isn’t timely made then the business may assert nonpayment claims against the customer.  Either way, the parties to the dispute are essentially strangers.

But many business disputes involve parties who have a history with each other.  Corporations have articles of incorporation and bylaws;  Limited Liability Companies have Articles of Organization;  Partnerships may or may not have a written partnership agreement.  When the relationships in these entities become strained a lawsuit may be filed.  Settling these kinds of claims requires not only a firm knowledge of corporate or partnership law but also a clear understanding of the interpersonal dynamics involved.   Robert Jacobs resolves these kinds of cases by drawing on his substantial background in business matters, coupled with his top-tier mediation skills.

Throughout his legal career of 30 years Robert Jacobs consistently advised and litigated matters for business clients. His clients have included:

  • Banks (including a Federal Land Bank)
  • Several major Northern California homebuilders
  • Commercial landlords
  • Commercial tenants
  • A company which serviced high vacuum electron beam gun deposition systems
  • Restaurant owners
  • Owners of retail stores (including designer carpets)
  • A franchisee of a nationwide food products chain
  • Family owned and operated retail stores with multiple locations
  • A company which sells aircraft parts domestically and overseas
  • A company which conducted electroplating operations
  • A company which conducted powder coating operations
  • A post-secondary school for vocational studies
  • An engineering firm
  • A recreational bowling center
  • A commercial printer
  • A company which provide housing and services for dependent adults in connection with governmental programs
  • A company which sells industrial pumps
  • A machine shop
  • Building construction contractors (general contractors) and subcontractors (companies which performed grading, masonry, roofing, sheet metal, tiling, painting, landscaping and other construction work)
  • A hard money lender
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Partners in partnerships
  • Real estate brokerages
  • Partner who elected to withdraw from a partnership with substantial real estate holdings

Robert Jacobs’ business advice and litigation work includes all of the following:

  • A jury trial to judgment by two investors against the promoters and facilitators of a fraudulent investment program
  • A trial to judgment following a buyer’s refusal to complete acquisition of a retail business following removal of contingencies
  • A trial to judgment of claims between a commercial printer and a customer regarding the quality of the printing performed
  • Claims for fraud and misrepresentation in connection with the sale of products and/or services
  • Nondisclosure claims relating to business income and expenses in connection with the sale of a business
  • Nonperformance of payment arrangements in connection with the sale of a business
  • Shareholder Derivative claims
  • Withdrawal of a partner from a partnership holding substantial real estate assets
  • Asset Purchase of an international firm which sells commercial and military aircraft parts
  • Resolving claims with the franchisor of nationwide retail chain

The business cases successfully mediated by Robert Jacobs include the following:

  • Claims between joint venturers with respect to acquisition of and improvements to an investment property
  • Claims between brothers who were co-purchasers of real property and related business arrangements
  • Claim by a consultant for non-payment of consultant fees
  • Claim between attorneys for nonpayment of attorneys fees
  • Claim by an attorney against client for nonpayment of attorneysfees
  • Interpleader action filed by an insurer following dispute as to proper payee for death benefits under a life insurance policy
  • Interpleader action filed by an insurer requesting confirmation as to proper party entitled to receive fire insure proceeds following a fire