Robert Jacobs serves as arbitrator when parties prefer to arbitrate.  When the parties have signed a written arbitration agreement and either cannot (or choose not to) informally settle the dispute, Mr. Jacobs serves as binding arbitrator from case intake through issuance of an award.

In connection with settlement of a case at mediation the parties will sometimes include in their settlement agreement a provision that any breach or further enforcement of the settlement agreement will be resolved through binding arbitration.  Parties often include such provisions in their settlement agreement when further performance is required of one or both of the parties in connection with the settlement.  By providing that any dispute under the settlement agreement will be resolved through binding arbitration, the parties seek to avoid the time and expense that would likely be involved in enforcing their settlement agreement through litigation. When Mr. Jacobs is designated as the arbitrator in such situations, he arbitrates any issues or disputes that arise in connection with any performance remaining due under the settlement agreement.

Mr. Jacobs has regularly been designated as binding arbitrator in settlement agreements where the parties have preferred that any issue with performance under the settlement agreement be resolved through binding arbitration.  He has served on a three-arbitrator panel for a seven figure attorneys’ fees dispute; he has also served as binding arbitrator in a dispute arising out of the sale of a Bay Area single family residence. Mr. Jacobs is listed on the panel of neutral arbitrators which is used by a major California health services provider.