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Our Philosophy

Litigation is based on conflict

Experience shows that many cases that seem irreconcilable can actually be resolved when approached with the right touch. My goal at mediation is to find – and use — the right approach between competing interests such that each case can be resolved. Where parties prefer arbitration, I focus on applying the rules of law in ways that are consistent with both the letter and the spirit of the law in rendering an arbitration award.


Robert Jacobs helps parties settle disputes by focusing early on key issues. Parties who mediate with him find he is both fair and persuasive.


Robert Jacobs serves as arbitrator when parties prefer to arbitrate.

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Robert Jacobs is a full time neutral with more than 30 years of litigation experience. 

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I would highly recommend Bob as a mediator for real property disputes, especially those involving difficult personalities (and most do!)

Partner in a Prominent California Real Estate Firm

He kept the negotiation going until an agreement was reached that satisfied my client and saved the other side the costs of a fruitless defense. I would definitely be willing to use him again representing either side.


I was highly satisfied with Mr. Jacobs and wholeheartedly recommend him to disputants seeking a professional, ethical and effective professional neutral.

Real Estate Attorney

Bob treated everyone with respect. He was tenacious and hard-working throughout, refusing to contemplate failure. The case not only resolved, the parties came out of the process feeling like they had been heard and understood, and were able to move on.

Partner in Highly Respected California Firm

I found Bob to have an excellent command of the facts and applicable law, and he was able to identify the one or two issues the case would turn on. He also had a good sense of the dynamics between the parties and what would be needed to make the next mediation session a success.

Partner in a Top San Francisco Bay Area Firm

I highly recommend Mr. Jacobs as a mediator. He is an invaluable asset to the legal community.

Real Estate Attorney

Mr. Jacobs served as mediator in one of my cases earlier this year. I found he was able to quickly grasp the key issues and points of dispute, successfully identify and then address the parties’ concerns and values, and make significant efforts to move the parties toward a mutually agreeable resolution.

Law Office Principal Attorney

I have had the opportunity to work with various mediation providers, ranging from JAMS to private mediators, such as Mr. Jacobs. I can confidently say that Mr. Jacobs is one of the most effective mediators that I have worked with, and I would welcome the opportunity to mediate a future matter with him.

Real Estate Attorney